Sobriquet 62.7

One of the most frustrating things about transcription is that the activity can become almost unbearably tedious if you're at it for a prolonged period of time. Today, for instance, was one of my "difficult" days, and I really got struck with what I can only describe as transciption-induced cabin fever. I mean, I did manage to type up what I'd hoped to get done today, but there were a few moments of pure nuh-uh! where I had to wrestle with myself in order to continue. All I can say is that sometimes taking a stroll in the rain can really take the edge off, which is exactly what I did in order to center myself a bit. And it worked splendidly.

For tomorrow: Try to finish the transcription and/or read.


minxy said…
I prefer strolling in the rain to driving in it...I agree that it can be relaxing. I'm glad you were able to take the edge off that way and refocus your energy. You will finish, I know it! :)

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