Sobriquet 62.4

Whereas I was pleased with my ability to plow through a couple hundred pages of photocopied material yesterday, I spent a good chunk of today irritated at myself for procrastinating. In the end, though, I finished my review of the massive pile of photocopied literary criticism I'd set before myself and, while I still have a few days' worth of research and review left ahead of me, I can finally begin the process of transcribing notes and quotations that heralds the beginning of the pre-writing phase. Most of my remaining reading, furthermore, will actually be a general review of material with which I am already more than cursorily familiar, so it should not be as time-consuming as it might otherwise be. I sincerely hope that I can make some serious headway on both fronts in the next couple of days. For now, though, my brain needs a break and I think I will hit the hay a bit earlier than usual for precisely that reason.

For tomorrow: Transcribe and/or read.


minxy said…
Yay! You are so very close to finishing this section and I'm excited for you. Keep up the good work, my dissertationing friend. Wahoo!!! :)

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