Sobriquet 38.30

It's currently 6:26 AM...This is why I'm here now:

Well, here's an odd thing: My power went out tonight or, rather, everyone within what seems to be a few blocks radius's power went out around 10:30 or 10:35. I was reading the article I'd abandoned yesterday and, suddenly, a flicker off, then a flicker on, then a flicker off, then a flicker on. . .this repeated for a few cycles before finally plunging us into darkness. I think this constitutes a legitimate reason not to finish today's reading. At any rate, I am typing this in Microsoft Word, draining the battery of my laptop as I go. I suppose I am lucky, though: my alarm clock is part of my fully-charged cell phone, the temperature is mild by most anyone's standards, and I have recently taken up candle making, so I do have some light.

I will write this entry here tonight and post it whenever I have access to electricity again. I did return to a more productive form, writing another solid page or two of the dissertation this afternoon, though I found reading criticism to be about as appealing as, well, reading criticism. So, I procrastinated and, when I did finally get down to reading, the power went out. I will, however, try to read the article by candlelight, if only to cultivate something of an "old school" (i.e. Oxford in the Middle Ages) atmosphere of reading by the flicker of plasma. . .it's too bad, though, that I'm not reading Dracula. Now that would be good candlelight reading methinks.

I do plan to stay awake a bit later than I want to, though not only for the sake of reading. I'm also not too keen on falling asleep only to be woken up by a bunch of lights and appliances turning on all at once.

For tomorrow: Read another article.

P.S. I did get through the article, but not with candles. I cheated and used a camping lantern...


minxy said…
I don't consider using a camping lantern as still has a rustic quality to it, just not quite as "old school" as the Middle Ages.

I always loved it when the electricity went out when I was a kid. Oh, it was fun...we never lit candles other than birthdays and power outtages. Hey, I was a kid and candles and darkness were exciting. :)

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