Sobriquet 38.13

Okay, I am really tired. I just spent something like five hours writing and tweaking the first of the two syllabi I have to prepare for Monday. I hadn't anticipated spending this much time on it, but I think it came out nicely.

In terms of my own work, I wrote another page of the dissertation and read some more of The Master of Petersburg, so I am more or less content with my progress. There's actually quite a bit that I would like to say about both the writing process and the novel, but I am too tired to form a cogent sentence, let alone a readable narrative.

For tomorrow: Try to write a bit more of the dissertation and read another twenty pages in the novel. Write up the second syllabus. Print the syllabi. Attempt to sleep.


minxy said…
That's a lot of time to spend on syllabi. I'm glad you're pleased with your work,'d be a shame to spend all that time and end up with nothing. So YAY! :) Hope you get that sleep you plan on attempting, too. :)

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