Sobriquet 38.6

Well, today started off as another one of those sleep-in-a-bit-too-long days where I don't start working until after I would have liked to have finished. Luckily for me, though, today's work consisted largely of transcribing notes and copying quotes, which is essentially mindless. I spent a few hours plugging away at the keyboard, typing some ten pages or so of quotes and listening to Social Distortion, Against Me! (you gotta love a band that turns "Condoleeza" into a catchy refrain), and Agent Orange. I think I am more than halfway through the transcription process but, after so many weeks of tedious reading, an extra day or two of typing sounds kinda nice, if only because I can listen to music while doing so. Plus, as the pages scroll by, I do get to feel a distinct sense of accomplishment.

In any case, I heard from my editor today and it looks like the essay I wrote will be published soon. Coincidentally, I saw that an essay I wrote on Don DeLillo made its appearance in a journal and a short piece of flash fiction I wrote (just to play with the form, really) will be published on Monday. So I feel encouraged by all that positive stuff.

Well, again, it is after four in the morning, so I will keep this brief and sign off.

For tomorrow: More pre-writing. Oh, and have fun with my friend.


minxy said…
I'm very happy that you're feeling better, my nocturnal friend. I'm glad you're at a point where you feel like you're making progress. I only have one more thing to say: Have tons of fun deserve it. :)

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