Sobriquet 38.12

Since I am up considerably later than I would like to be, I will keep this entry extremely brief. Although I spent the early part of today acquainting myself with my new place of employment, the afternoon sleeping, and the evening knitting a scarf while watching Silence of the Lambs with Minxy, I did manage to get the twenty pages of reading done that I had hoped to get through today in The Master of Petersburg. I would have liked to have written a bit more in the dissertation, but I did not want to force myself to do so while sleepy. I do, however, plan to make a bit of progress this weekend.

For tomorrow: I would like to get a bit more writing taken care of, another twenty pages of reading completed, and a syllabus hammered out for each of my classes.


minxy said…
You have a lot to do today, what with all the reading, writing and syllabus-hammering. Thankfully, I see no arithmetic. That would suck. I wouldn't be able to help you much with that, unless it pertained to your knitting...then I'd suck it up and deal because it's knitting math and I can do that. I realize I've wandered way of point here, so I'll finish by saying you're doing an awesome job on everything you're doing, including the scarf. :)

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