Sobriquet 38.25

I'm going to have to keep tonight's entry fairly brief because I have a few things I need to get done for class tomorrow and I do want to get to bed at a reasonable hour. In any case, I did get another piece of the dissertation written and hope to wrap up the bit on Age of Iron shortly, which will be nice. I've actually been enjoying working with the book lately, but it will be nice to shift my focus from South Africa to Russia, if only to give myself a bit of variety. Plus, there's always that nice feeling of having completed something to look forward to.

In addition to the bit of writing I worked my way through, I read Graham Pechey's "The Post-Apartheid Sublime: Rediscovering the Extraordinary," which deals with several texts other than The Master of Petersburg in addition to Coetzee's 1994 novel. As I am beginning to suspect is true of most of the articles dealing with the novel, Pechey's essay again seeks to identify issues relevant to South Africa in the novelist's fictional Russia. Elsewhere, however, the article provides an insightful consideration of the confessional mode of writing. Furthermore, Pechey's analysis moves fluidly from topic to topic in eminently readable prose, which was delightful.

For tomorrow: Try to read a bit more. Write if there's time.

Work Cited

Pechey, Graham. "The Post-Apartheid Sublime: Rediscovering the Extraordinary." Writing South Africa. Eds. Derek Attridge and Rosemary Jolly. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1998. 57-74.


minxy said…
That's awesome that you have the first section almost finished. I'm so proud of you. :)

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