Sobriquet 38.17

I'm really struggling to readjust to the sort of schedule that includes daylight (not that an upstate New York winter really offers much of that to begin with) and could not fall asleep until close to four or four-thirty last night. After work, I took a nap that lasted deep into the, needless to say, I did not get a whole lot done until quite late in the night. I did read a couple of chapters in The Master of Petersburg and, despite a strong desire not to do so, I reviewed my notes again, preparing to write the next little section of the dissertation. As I read over my notes, I realized that, for whatever reason, I'd assumed I would have to do a good deal more planning than it seems I will actually have to do. I don't know why it seemed so huge last night, but today I saw that I could just glance over the general outline, skim over some notes until I locate the bits I want to use, and go from there...again, I think I must have let my stress get the better of me.

For tomorrow: Try to write a bit, if possible, focusing on the very beginning, basic section "intro" and, as usual, read another twenty pages in the novel.


minxy said…
Darn'll get you every time. I do the same thing. I'll psyche myself out about something, worrying about the worst case scenario only to be either pleasantly surprised or feeling like a fool when it turns out to be not nearly as bad as I'd anticipated. It's a drawback of having an overly analytical brain.

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