Sobriquet 38.5

All right. It's after four in the morning and I should really get some sleep tonight, so I will keep this very, very brief. In any case, I did not get much reading done during the day because I was out and about in Ithaca with Minxy, with whom I also spent most of the evening eating pizza, making candles, knitting, and talking--in other words, I had fun.

As a direct result of the aforementioned fun, I did not finish reading the chapter Sue Kossew devotes to Age of Iron in Pen and Power until a few minutes ago. But I read it and, being in a considerably better mood than I have been in the past couple of days (thanks, again, to said fun), I processed the text and did not struggle as much to make my way through. For any Coetzee scholars out there, I would recommend Kossew's book as a wonderful starting point for any study of the author's work. She's very readable, intelligent, insightful, and refreshingly concise.

In any case, tomorrow I will start my pre-writing, a phase which should not last more than a few days and I anticipate starting this chapter sometime next week. And, yes, this blogging idea totally got me this far. . .

For tomorrow: Arrange notes, review notes, copy notes, and otherwise prepare for the writing.

Work Cited

Kossew, Sue. Pen and Power: A Postcolonial Reading of J. M. Coetzee and Andre Brink. Amsterdam: Editions Rodopi, 1996.


minxy said…
YAY FOR PREWRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! And YAY FOR FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you. Having read and listened to just a wee portion of the stuff you've been reading over the past two weeks, I can say that you have done so much in that time period and you totally deserved to have all the fun we had yesterday. You totally rock, dude!!! Not only have you gotten through your mountain of dry-as-hell reading material, you've also managed to learn new hobbies and you're doing fairly well with them. That's pretty freakin' sweet if you ask me. You're so awesome!

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