Sobriquet 62.13

I began writing my introduction late this afternoon. One of the challenges I face in writing this introductory piece is that, fundamentally, an introduction is quite a bit different from a regular dissertation chapter. I'm not used to writing about that which I have already written, for instance, and I am totally unaccustomed to the comparatively superficial type of commentary an introduction requires. Thus, when it suddenly struck me that I was basically prepared to begin the first section of the intro -- that after a very brief bit of prewriting, I was ready to hit the keyboard -- I was kinda dumbfounded. I mean, I had expected to do some more reading, some more review, some more prewriting. And I will, for each subsequent mini-section. But this first one? I'm good to go. So I went.

For tomorrow: Try to write a bit more in between the preparatory work for the immanent semester. Or, at the very least, read up a bit for a later mini-section.


minxy said…
YAY for pleasant surprises! I think your mini-sections will go fairly quickly if this turns into a pattern. YAY! :)

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