Sobriquet 62.15

I'm going to be brief this evening because I really want to get a little bit of reading done before I go to bed. I am currently working on plotting out the next mini-section of my introduction, so my reading is largely a review of material with which I am already familiar. While this makes it easier to read, it also makes it more difficult for me to focus because I have a nagging sense of "I know this already!" drawing my attention away from the task at hand.

One thing worth noting is that I have been quite uncomfortable with some of what I wrote yesterday and I may have to delete, rewrite, or otherwise heavily edit the offending bit of text before I can even feign satisfaction with the chapter. I hope to work on that tomorrow.

For tomorrow: Prepare for the next mini-section and/or address the unsatisfactory passage.


minxy said…
Again, your writing will be excellent, I'm sure. I know because you're taking so much time to plot your sections before writing them. Good luck! :)

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