Sobriquet 62.6

Although it took me quite a bit longer than I had hoped, I did manage to finish transcribing the nearly thirty pages of notes I took from the several hundred photocopied pages of critical and theoretical material I'd been working with this week. This means that I have another batch of notes to transcribe from the nearly six hundred pages of philosophy I'd spent much of December reading, a few days' worth of reading over Coetzee criticism, and then it'll just be a bit of review, some outlining, and writing.

But, damn, this stuff is wearing me out.

For tomorrow: Transcribe and/or collect and review criticism.


Rez* said…
You're doing really well. Keep it up -- your spirit and commitment are motivating me as well. I'm writing a PhD on JMC's work and read your blog on-and-off, but always come away remembering why I'm doing it. Hurray for you!
Thank you, Rez! I'm glad my little project has helped motivate you. Best of luck to you, too!
minxy said…
Wahoo!!! YAY for finishing transcription! You're getting so close to finishing and I'm so proud of you. YAY!! :)

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