Sobriquet 38.31

Since it is after one in the morning, I am going to keep this extremely brief. I am almost finished with the essay I planned to read today and, luckily, though I waited until the late night hours to begin, I have moved through my reading with little difficulty. I will, of course, provide a more in-depth discussion later, when I'm not as exhausted as I am at the moment. Now, though, I just want to finish reading and go to bed for the night.

Also, I want to express my thanks to the indefatigable Minxy, Larissa, Literary Chica, Ielle Palmer, and Pastor Jon for their kind comments and the rest of my friends, family, and other readers for the support and well-wishes they have provided me with on this project so far. I keep going, in part, because you've all helped me realize I can.


For tomorrow: Work on planning out the final few pages on Age of Iron and, if possible, try to get a bit of writing done. Reading an extra essay would be a splendid bonus.


minxy said…
I didn't get to sleep 'til a little after one, too. I blame my cat entirely...I think she was jealous of Peter and decided she should snuggle up on my chest and I really can't sleep with her laying on me.

I'm glad you managed to get your reading done. Sorry I kept you up so late with all the talking and such. :)

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