Sobriquet 38.32

I initially thought today was going to be a bust, sleeping in until nearly noon, screwing around for a few hours, then promptly falling asleep again until early evening. For a second straight day, though, I managed to read an article without having much trouble focusing my attention and I wrote a bit more in the Age of Iron section of the Coetzee chapter. This was, of course, a nice turn of events, transforming what could have been a lousy day into a fairly decent one. Again, as it is getting late, I will skip a discussion of the articles, leaving that for another day. I will, however, say that either I am developing a tolerance for literary criticism all of a sudden or I have encountered two particularly strong pieces recently. Either way, I do feel like I have managed to continue making progress despite a rather heavy sense of stagnation...I suppose that's what working on a dissertation while working at, you know, work will do to a person. Ah, c'est la vie...

For tomorrow: Read another article. Anything beyond that will be a nice little bonus.


minxy said…
You have mentioned that a lot of the criticism you've been reading recently is more well-written than a lot of the stuff you read for "Age of Iron." Perhaps this ease of reading is making you more tolerant of the criticism? Or I could be completely wrong. :) Either way, I'm glad it's going better for you with this new material.

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