Sobriquet 38.21

So, this sleeping at night thing is really working out for me. Although I procrastinated for a few hours after waking up, I still managed to get a couple of pages written. Again, I have to admit, I found the outline helpful. I remain resistant to using longer, more intricate outlines, though, having learned that overly complicated outlines can be restrictive. In any case, I am not as fond of today's work as I was of yesterday's, but I am beginning to realize that one cannot have uniformly good days writing something as long as a 250-300 page behemoth of a paper. One must simply keep going, chugging on down the line, swatting away the swarm of doubts buzzing around his or her head all the while. But, man, those little fuckers can sting.

As I suspected, resuming work (and by "work," I mean actual, paid employment) has gotten me back on a more reasonable schedule. Now, rather than frantically scramble to get work done all night, I can work while there's still daylight, leaving myself a few hours in the late afternoon and evening to pursue other interests. Not surprisingly, this has done wonders for my mood and I feel a bit more positive about what I have been doing.

So I'm going to keep doing it and wish you all a good night.

For tomorrow: Write some more. I think I may begin re-reading Elizabeth Costello to refresh my memory before I write that section and I'd like to work my way through some of the critical writing on The Master of Petersburg, but I think I will focus on writing for the time being and give myself a chance to relax a bit. So, yeah. Another page or two of writing would be great.


minxy said…
Personally, I love sleeping at night. It's the best thing ever, so far as sleep goes. I feel bad for you having to sift through critical writing again soon...but I suppose that's just part of the whole dissertation package. I hope you don't have to go through as much as you did with the "Age of Iron" stuff. That would totally suck.

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