Sobriquet 38.7

Well, after struggling to get myself into gear, I did manage to sit down and get a good chunk of transcription done and I should have no problem finishing up tomorrow. I would have liked to have finished today, but I'd rather not push myself to stay up later than I should, especially with the new semester beginning in less than a week.

I also got the "edited" version of the essay I worked on over break. Initially, my response was not a positive one because my editor changed so much of my wording as to render the text more or less unrecognizable at first glance. Yes, the general structure and some of the phrasing remained mine, but I feel a bit too much was changed for me to really feel comfortable attaching my name to the text. I have to decide whether I will simply revise the revision into a more agreeable compromise or if I will request that my editor place publish the essay as a co-authored text, with the two of us sharing the byline. I mean, I am completely comfortable with the role of an editor and I usually don't make much of a fuss if something I write is altered to better suit the publication's readership, but, for whatever reason, I am uncomfortable with some of the phrasing, if only because it seems to reflect someone else's ideas rather than my own; if I can change it to sound more like my own writing again, I imagine, things will go well.

I just find that I am wrestling with the need to publish and the desire to represent myself as accurately as possible in print. Fortunately, my editor sounds pretty willing to allow me to tweak the "liberties" he took with my writing. In any case, I think the best thing I can do is take a look at it in the morning when my emotions are not as immediate and then, with a night buffering me from the initial reaction, I will reassess the situation and take it from there.

In any case, I have been reading a few pages of The Master of Petersburg, and I have been enjoying it. It's nice to read Coetzee's prose again after having spent so much time reading other people's interpretations of it. I also finished listening to an audio recording of Chuck Palahniuk's excellent Invisible Monsters, which I enjoyed immensely. I really enjoy reading Palahniuk or Kurt Vonnegut whenever I am stressed over school or burnt out after a particularly draining period of academic work.

Well, although it is only a bit after two, I am going to call it a night and try to get myself rested for the homestretch. Thanks for reading!

For tomorrow: Finish the transcription, work on editing the edited revision of the essay, and otherwise prepare to begin writing the chapter...


minxy said…
Is it odd that I'm kind of getting psyched up for your pending chapter-writing? I'm all excited for you to start writing because I know that's what you've been wanting to do for so long. I'm also excited that you called it a night at 2:00-ish...that's an early night for you. And sleep is good. :)

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